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The Watair water cooler extracts the moisture in the air and converts it to the purest, cleanest and more importantly, the safest drinking water on earth. Watair water coolers are eco-friendly, environmentally sound water making machines. Watair water coolers provide pure, safe and great tasting water for homes, businesses, hospitals, restaurants, farming and many other commercial applications.

The technology used in the Watair water coolers has been used in many other products like refrigerators, and air conditioners that we use everyday.  The difference is that this known system has been carefully redesigned and prepared to handle water for consumption. The Watair water cooler method of producing water is revolutionary, reliable and adaptable to meet most fresh water demands. This technology maximizes temperature, airflow, and surface area for optimum, pure water production.

The Earth's atmosphere holds a tremendous amount of moisture in the air, called humidity. Humidity is part of the naturally occuring hydrologic cycle that Watair water coolers efficiently convert into water that contains no impurities, contaminants, bacteria or other micro organisms.

The Watair water cooler high tech yet simple approach uses patented technology to efficiently "make" water from the air. You are guaranteed safe water that is free of bacteria, pesticides, metals, and other micro organisms, to make the best tasting drinking water on Earth... all from the air we breathe.

Air-to-Water Coolers - How Does It Work?

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First, the air is filtered through a patented air filter process, as a condensation unit receives the humid airflow from the evaporator, which then condenses water vapor into liquid. This process is known as "atmospheric condensation".

Next, the water is treated by bacteria-killing UV (ultraviolet) light, cleaned using filtration through 6 layers of multiple media and back through the UV light before being dispensed into your cup or container. Even volatile organic chemicals such as Ether, which have proven to be extremely difficult to remove by filtration methods of the past, are completely eliminated.

Water produced by our Watair water coolers is then chilled for maximum taste, but dispensed automatically either hot or cold. The final product produced by the Watair water cooler systems has a freshness that you would only expect from such a natural process.

The Role of Humidity

Watair water coolers are humidity and temperature driven machines. The higher the humidity, the more the machine is capable of producing water. Ideally, the humidity should be 50% or above to achieve optimum performance. In places with lower humidity, the machine will still work well, however water production will take longer. As a rule of thumb, when the Watair water cooler unit operates in temperatures at 65° or more and the humidity is a minimum of 40%, the machine will produce approximately 3.5 gallons of water in a 24 hour period. At 60%, it will produce 5 gallons. Production will be greater at higher humidity levels.

Saving The Earth

Watair water coolers can play a large role in the solution to our planet's water problems. Whether needed for residential, office, commercial use, emergency relief or emergency preparedness, Watair is at the forefront of technology and can provide the most efficient, reliable and safest water coolers. Our air-to-water machines solve many of our environmental, health and water shortage issues we face today; and we will certainly face in the future.

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Watair Water Coolers distributes air-to-water machines that are designed to benefit both the environment and your finances. Now you can stop paying for monthly bottled water deliver service and instead produce the purest water on Earth directly from the air! Watair Water Coolers are the most revolutionary advancement in office and home water coolers. Watair Water Coolers is your best possible choice to replace bottled water service and support a cleaner, healthier planet.

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